Friday, June 13, 2008

Ashley's Dollhouse

A Heritage kithouse I built for my daughter ( a long time ago).

When my daughter was 5, I bought her a Sears dollhouse. She loved it and when she got a bit older wished she could have another one, a Victorian one. I saw the Heritage kit in a catalog and bought it to surprise her for Christmas. The catalog photo only showed the front of the house, so when I got the box and checked out the other pictures I was aghast to see that there wasn't enough room for a proper dollhouse kitchen or bath. I remember what it was like to be a little girl and have a hard time playing with my little dolls in too small a space. I had to design an addition. I was totally alone and at sea with this kit. It drove me nuts. I found the addition was the easiest thing to build in the whole house. But my daughter loved it and that was the important thing.

Part of me itches to make new stairs and correct the mistakes I made now that I've aquired some skill at dollhouse building. Another part of me says, nah, leave it alone. I used some nice contact paper for wallpaper. There were some pretty, delicate patterns then. Ashley used pieces of felt for carpeting. Some of the furniture that was in here is now in Miss Frobisher's house.

This is the interior of the addition. The little doll people have to step down to the kitchen. I painted the floor in a tile pattern. To get to the bathroom they go up the staircase to the landing, then turn up another little flight that leads to the bathroom. Hmmm that railing needs to be reglued. Ashley can do it. She's all grown up. The bathroom is rather roomy, maybe too roomy. I couldn't help it, it just worked out that way.


Lindy Bridges said...

Hello my name is Lindy I love your dollhouse and I agree there is no room for a kitchen. I am also building this Heritage dollhouse. Its my first one, I am wondering how do I find this addition for my dollhouse? Thank you so much :)

Grazhina said...

This was my first build too. I built the addition from scratch, there aren't any kits to build add ons. Sorry.